The advent of the Australian gambling industry can be traced back to its original colonization. With European settlers bringing their pastimes, inventing new gambling practices, and expecting its continual legal acceptance.

These days online betting has become more and more popular with a steady increase since the early 90’s. Although in 2001 the legislative branch of this country did pass the Interactive Gambling Act. This act outlawed certain forms of online gambling, but online betting concerning sports or the equivalent still remain legal and taxed by the government.

Australian online betting offers a wide array of online betting options. An individual legally registered to an online betting site can log on, and place wagers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since these betting sites don’t just focus on Australian sports and event there is always action somewhere. Want to bet on a surfing competition in Maui, no problem. Want to bet on a car race in Indianapolis, no problem. Want to bet on a cricket match in Pakistan, no problem. Want to bet on a hurling match in Europe, go for it. There are global and ample opportunities available at these sights, and multiple sights to choose from.

Horse racing and dog racing have been two longtime favorite betting options that have sustained the test of time. These two events still draw steady streams of gambling enthusiasts daily. With all the odds and statistics available within a few key strokes and mouse clicks; hound and horse fans have found their new paradise.

Individuals can even receive braking new flashes and bookmakers odds on their mobile devices. Need to place a bet after receiving info on your phone, and away from your computer screen, just use your smart phone and your set.

Australian online betting isn’t just limited to traditional sports. Political gambling has become more popular as of late. Think your favorite democratic candidate has what it takes to get into office? Well now you have the option and the excitement of betting on it. You can bet on federal parliament elections, senate elections, and even the house of representative elections. All of the odds for these elections are provided on multiple different web sites and this helps to make politics more interesting. The entertainment industry offers further options as well. The academy awards are a prime example. Who’s going to win the best actor in a leading role award? What movie is going to win the best picture award? As you can see regardless of your interest, there is always going to be something to bet on with the right site.